The building history

In the beginning, the 'Verein Christliches Kellnerheim e. V.' (a Christian association to provide waiters with homes), founded in 1903, rented a building with 47 beds on Mittelstraße 22. Within a few years 12.591 overnight stays could be registered.

In 1911, a new property was acquired on Albrechtstraße 17 at the price of 275.000 Deutsche Mark. From that point, the new building called 'Albrechtshof' (today's 'Allegra') represented the headquarters of the 'Berliner Gasthausmission'. This mission's fields of activities include providing domiciles for waiters, a job center, Bible study, a publishing company and a Christian book store. It also hosted the headquarters of the ICKB (International Christian Waiters' Association) until 1926.

To save it from being dispossessed by Nazi Germany, the "Kellnerheim" on Albrechtstraße 17 was signed over to its former administrator Phillip Weth. He ran the building as a private home after the 'Verein Christliches Kellnerheim e. V.' was forced to be disbanded by order of the Gestapo in 1941.

For several years after World War II, the city commander of the Red Army used today's Hotel Allegra to house his officers. Hence, Phillipp Weth had to keep the building running even if at times that put him in danger of life. However, in GDR times, the government transferred it to public property.

In the 1980s, there were plans for the building to be reconstructed, to serve as headquarters of 'MITROPA'. Due to the political turn in 1989, the building became vacant.
After the Reunification in 1990, the former waiters' association was brought back into use as "Berliner Gasthausmission e. V." and was registered at the local court of Charlottenburg. In 1995, the application for repatriation was passed and the association, almost completely out of funds, was confronted with the task of renovating and redesigning the building. In order to finance the building operations, the 'Berliner Gasthausmission' decided to transfer the premises to the newly found 'BEGA GmbH' which was sold to the 'Hospize Betriebs GmbH' of the 'Berlin City Mission'.

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