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Top 10 flea markets in Berlin

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Second-hand at its finest

There are almost 50 regular Berlin flea markets - although this number does not even take into account the many small neighbourhood flea markets and garage sales.

They can be found in almost every part of the city and attract art and second-hand friends from Berlin and all over the world every week. Looking for something special, inexpensive clothes, an antique collector's item, a coveted vinyl record, an original gift idea - hardly any wish that a flea market in Berlin could not fulfil.

Flea markets in Berlin offer a dazzling hodgepodge of modern art and fancy designer jewellery, second-hand clothes and homemade goods, kitsch and stuff, junk and junk from household dissolutions.

And maybe you'll get a flea at a Berlin flea market! After all, it is said to have been him who gave the market his name, since he was always in the clothes on sale.

We now present you our top 10 favorite Berlin flea markets. Have fun browsing!

Möbel auf einem Berliner Flohmarkt
Bücher auf dem Flohmarkt

1st flea market Mauerpark

The Mauerpark Flea Market is known beyond the borders of Berlin and attracts real swarms of people every Sunday.

It takes its name from the Berlin Wall, which separated the districts of Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg here from 1961. Remains of the Wall remained here after its fall in 1989 and were released for graffiti sprayers. They shine from afar on one of the highest hills of the park with continuously new motifs and layers of colour.

The flea market itself is huge, numerous alleys cross it, lined with stands exhibiting handicrafts, jewellery and Berlin photos, baby clothes, bags, vinyl records and all kinds of junk. Private traders as well as young designers and boutiques make the Mauerpark flea market a real El Dorado for booty seekers.

International voices can be heard, from different corners and ends of the park music snippets of smaller bands and street musicians can be heard. The karaoke spectacle that takes place every Sunday in Mauerpark in a former amphitheatre has also developed as a magnet for the public.

With many smaller fallow areas, partly filled up with sand, the flea market also offers nice niches for chilly breaks and culinary refreshments. A total of around 30 food stands provide visitors with sweet, spicy and international snacks and drinks.

Sunday from 9-18 h

Mauerpark, Bernauer Strasse 63-64
, Prenzlauer Berg.
Approx. 20 minutes by underground U6 from Friedrichstraße to Naturkundemuseum, MIO from Naturkundemuseum to Wolliner Straße.

Gebrauchte Gegenstände auf dem Flohmarkt

2nd flea market Arkonaplatz

If the Mauerpark Flea Market Berlin is a bit too big for you, you can simply walk along Bernauer Strasse and after a short trek on Arkonaplatz you will find a relaxed flea market, surrounded by trees, small cafés and pubs.

Mainly well-preserved and well-kept second-hand and vintage articles, such as products from the former GDR, vases and crockery from the 50s and 60s are offered.

Sunday from 10-16 h

Arkonaplatz 1, 10435 Berlin-Mitte.
Approx. 20 minutes by underground U6 from Friedrichstraße to Naturkundemuseum, M10 from Naturkundemuseum to Wolliner Straße.

3rd Antique and Book Market at the Bode Museum / Flea Market Museum Island

Museum Island is one of the most beautiful places in the capital. The Bode Museum is located at its northwestern tip directly on the Spree. At the weekend, this neo-baroque building becomes the backdrop for the antique and book market.

Anyone looking for bibliophile treasures, collector's items or antique furniture has a realistic chance of finding what they are looking for at the stands of around 60 dealers.

If you leave the book market behind and head towards the magnificent boulevard "Unter den Linden", you come across the "Berlin Art Market on Museum Island". Here artists, craftsmen and other creative people present their works. Many of the exhibitors use this flea market as a weekly source of income.

Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 11-17 h

At Kupfergraben 1, 10117 Berlin-Mitte.
Approx. 12 minutes by foot along the Spree or approx. 10 minutes by M1 from Friedrichstraße to Kupfergraben.

Antike Bücher auf dem Flohmarkt in Berlin

4th flea market Boxhagener Platz

The Boxhagener Platz flea market is located in Friedrichshain in one of Berlin's most popular neighbourhoods. Around a green area the merchants slowly pull up their stands every Sunday. If you browse here, you can find new reading material and rare sound carriers between jumble, secondhand and design.

Around the corner runs Simon-Dach-Straße, whose many cafés and restaurants invite you to warm up, refuel and inspect the acquired pieces. Visitors with children will find a public playground on the border of the market.

Sunday 10-18 h
before 11 a.m. is seldom finished

Boxhagener place 1
, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain.
Approx. 26 minutes with S5, S7 or S9 from Friedrichstraße to Warschauer Straße.

5th Nowkoelln Flowmarkt

It is located directly on the Spree - and this idyllic location alone is a good argument for a visit to the Nowkoelln flea market. Every two weeks from spring to autumn, a mixture of stands of private and commercial traders extends along the banks of the Maybach.

Like the proximity to the Spree, the musical backdrop of the flea market stroll is an integral part of the "Flowmarkt". This is ensured by alternating bands or DJs.

Every 2nd Sunday of the month 10-18 o'clock
Start: 1 . April 2018

Maybachufer 31, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln.
Approx. 30 minutes with the S7 from Friedrichstraße to Jannowitzbrücke, U8 from Jannowitzbrücke to Schönleinstraße.

6th flea market Town Hall Schöneberg

This flea market is located where John F. Kennedy once said the famous words 'I am a Berliner', where also in the time before and afterwards great political rallies took place again and again.

It offers an almost unmanageable selection of knick-knacks, household items and books. The offers themselves do not necessarily differ from junk items from other markets, but the special thing is that you can still dawdle and haggle with the traders in the original sense.

Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

John F. Kennedy Square 1
, 10825 Berlin-Schöneberg.
Approx. 28 minutes by S1 from Friedrichstraße to Julius-Leber-Brücke, bus 104 from Julius-Leber-Brücke to Rathaus Schöneberg.

7th flea market Marheinekeplatz

The flea market at Marheinekeplatz in the middle of the lively miners' district invites you to search and find. Situated next to the market hall, whose architecture and culinary offers are definitely worth a detour, you will encounter a colourful variety of goods.

Take advantage of this opportunity and immerse yourself in the flair of the district. Stroll through the streets surrounded by beautiful old Art Nouveau houses, browse through the surrounding small shops and settle down in one of the cosy KiezCafés and restaurants.

Saturday 10-16 h and Sunday 11-17 h
(summer time, winter time 10-16 o'clock)

Marheinekeplatz 1
, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Take the U6 from Friedrichstraße to Mehringdamm in about 22 minutes.

Küchenmöbel auf dem Flohmarkt

8th night market at the Zitadelle

The night flea market at the Zitadelle in Spandau is a little out of the ordinary, as it only takes place on two Sundays. However, as it is also very unusual beyond that, we would like to introduce it briefly:

The Zitadelle, a Renaissance fortress, is home not only to Berlin's oldest building, the 13th century Juliusturm, but also to many cultural events and festivals.

From May to September 2018 the "Citadel Music Festival" takes place, whose top acts include Massive Attack, Lenny Crawitz, Joan Baez and others.

During this festival, the night flea market takes place on two Sundays from 6 pm to midnight, whereby the Zitadelle will be the projection surface for artistic light installations.

On Julyusturm 64, 13599 Berlin-Spandau.
Approx. 45 minutes with the S7 from Friedrichstraße to Berlin-Charlottenburg. Take the U7 from Wilmersdorfer Straße to Zitadelle.

9th flea market and Art & Crafts Market Straße des 17. June

The most traditional market in Berlin takes place on weekends directly at Tiergarten S-Bahn station: Trödelmarkt Straße des 17. Juni exists since 1973 and is the oldest flea market in Berlin. Exactly in the same year, by the way, the word "flea market" found its way into the dictionary.

15 years later the flea market was joined by the arts and crafts market. Together they have been providing one of the most popular weekend attractions for many Berliners and tourists for years.

As old as it is, so wide is the offer of the approx. 100 dealers: From the Tiergarten S-Bahn station, the flea market runs about 300 metres to the west with second-hand items, all kinds of household utensils and clothing. Afterwards there are about the same number of stands with antiquities, high-quality handicrafts, designer clothes, leather goods, which are sold at mostly quite high prices.

Saturday and Sunday 10-17 h

Straße des 17. Juni
, 10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg, directly at S-Bahn station Tiergarten.
Approx. 12 minutes with the S7 from Friedrichstraße to Tiergarten.

Kunstfiguren und Gemälde auf dem Flohmarkt

10th RAW flea market

Every Sunday, the multicultural RAW flea market takes place on the over 100-year-old RAW site, the former location of the Reichsbahn repair shop.

Those who browse here can not only find original things and art on the extensive area, but perhaps also the one or other homecomer from the surrounding clubs and bars of Berlin's nightlife. The international flea market activity complements a popular street food market with delicacies from all over the world.

Sunday 9-19 h

Revaler road 99
, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain.
Approx. 20 minutes with S5 S7 or S9 from Friedrichstraße to Warschauer Straße.

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